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Introducing the Premium LED Light Kit

Introducing the Premium LED Light Kit

BredaBeds is excited to announce our Premium LED Light Kit, which is now offered on all our Murphy Bed Collections. Light Kits offer a convenient solution for nighttime reading, and you'll never have to stumble across the room in the dark when going to bed. The switch can be located at a convenient location on the bed to make for an easy on/off. The Premium LED Light Kit comes with 3 powerful lights which puts off 67 Lumens per light and have a 3000K warm-white color. They are low voltage, so they plug into a regular outlet socket and are safe to use and don't get hot.


Our Premium LED Light Kits have 24 LEDs per light and are made of aluminum and clear glass, which recess into the top of the Murphy Bed to provide an extremely clean look. The lights put off a clean, warm-white light color and are the same lighting that architects and designers request in their projects. Not only do they look great, they are incredibly convenient...


The switch can be mounted at a convenient location on the Murphy Bed for an easy on/off, so there's no stumbling across the room in the dark to reach the bed. The low voltage driver plugs into a regular outlet socket, within 6' of the Murphy Bed. Installation of the lights is a snap when buy a Murphy Bed and a Premium LED Light Kit together. They shine down directly to the pillows, so they are perfect for reading, but also distribute light to the surrounding room.


All lights generate heat, but low voltage LED means these lights put off very low heat, so they are safe if, for example, you forget to turn them off before folding up the bed or accidentally turn them on after the bed is closed. These lights are the best in the industry for this type of application and have been selected and tested for our Murphy Beds.


Premium LED Light Kits are available for purchase on the product page in the "Custom Options" box. For our existing customers, we've developed a RETROFIT Edition that can be purchased here: Premium LED Light Kit - RETROFIT Edition.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us either by phone, email or the live chat feature on our website when available.