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5 Charity-Related Events in Boise you Can’t Miss

5 Charity-Related Events in Boise you Can’t Miss

Our state has all kinds of amazing charity events every year! Find out which ones you simply can't miss this year below!


Our great state is full of surprises, events, and amazing spots guaranteed to make any active individual proud but, one of the most rewarding and enriching aspects of our capital is our various charity events that help out the community and multiple worthy causes each and every year. Below are five events in the Boise you simply can’t miss if you want to help out your community and the world today!


  1. Boise Cupid’s Undie Run


The Cupid’s Undie Run is an annual event dedicated to the research and cure of neurofibromatosis. No pants is the name of the game for this fun event and runners will often be seen sporting hearts, boas, and all kinds of fun red and pink attire for the occasion!



  1. Galaxy of Hope Gala


The Galaxy of Hope Gala is an inspiring event hosted by Advocates Against Family Violence (AAFV) at the Treasure Valley Venue. With an auction and a night of fine dining and live musical performances, this event is something you won’t wanna miss—and all proceeds go towards their many programs dedicated to helping abused individuals change their lives for the better!



  1. Ride for 22 Motorcycle Rally


Ride for 22 is am amazing organization dedicated to Military Veterans Suicide Awareness. For four years now, they have hosted an annual motorcycle rally dedicated to the cause with all of the proceeds going towards suicide prevention and veterans!



  1. Special Olympics Spring Bazaar


The Special Olympics is an amazing organization that enriches the lives of mentally handicapped individuals nationwide. Their spring bazaar is a time for the organization to make money of amazing baked and handmade goods that will help to pay for their many events throughout the year.



  1. Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure


The Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure is probably the most well-known event on this list but it has a very important cause it’s backing so it kind of makes sense! Each year, the event fundraises thousands for breast cancer research and awareness and shows millions of women that they are not alone in their time of need!

Although this is but five of the countless amazing charity events that happen each and every year in the Boise area, we encourage you to attend all of them and find more on your own. After all, we at BredaBeds, understand how important charity fundraisers are and we support them as often as we can!