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How to Choose the Right bed for You

How to Choose the Right bed for You

Finding the right bed for you can be difficult but, with this ultimate buying guide from Breda Beds, you are sure to pick the mattress that is perfect for you and your lifestyle!

Did you know that one-third of your life is spent sleeping? That means that a 75-year-old person has spent 25 years asleep, which is pretty shocking if you think about it. However, what is even more shocking is spending those 25 years on an uncomfortable spring-ridden mattress knowing that there are countless high-quality bed options out there for the taking.
After all, even the most expensive mattress out there may be worth it considering the outlandish amount of sleep you actually need in your life. However, why spend all your money on a bed you know won’t last you more than a year when you can find a sleep solution that is not just comfortable but cost-effective as well? Below, we’ve broken down the main components of bed shopping so you can put the worrying behind you and truly choose a bed that’s right for you!

What Makes a Bed?

Although you’re probably listing a series of materials in your head right now like cotton and wood, that’s not what we mean when we ask ‘what makes a bed’. Instead, we are trying to truly ask what makes the bed the right one for you. Is it the soft texture, the brand itself, the price, or even just that it looked great on the sales floor? Whatever the reason, you chose the bed you currently have and, for some time, it was the right one for you and your home.
However, now you want something else; a new bed, in particular. Perhaps, the old one is lumpy now, a spring seems to be poking out right where your side is, there’s a lot of stains on it from the kids, or it’s just time for a better model. No matter what the reasoning is, you are on the market—and this time, you want to choose one that really matches your current lifestyle.
But, what makes a bed in your eyes? The truth is that most people don’t truly know what they want until it’s staring them in the face. That’s why we chose to go through some of the most basic aspects of bed shopping below so as to help you take a massive market and narrow it down for your benefit.

How to Find the Right Firmness Level

One of the biggest questions the average bed buyer has is ‘how firm should my new bed be’? The truth is that your personal preference may not even be what you truly need but is definitely a great place to start.
The actual science of bed firmness, rather, is not dictated by what your back wants but what it truly needs. With this in mind, let’s review some of the levels of firmness bed providers offer:

  • Soft: 3-5/ 10 on the Firmness Scale

  • A soft mattress typically has a significant amount of hug and sinkage and also is only anywhere between three to five on the firmness scale, which is rated between one and ten. Although many people tend to opt for this bed type when testing beds on the mattress sales floor, this bed is only appropriate for certain individuals and can significantly harm others.
    The reason for this is simple: a soft bed’s affinity for sinkage leads to bad posture in your sleep. For those with past posture or back problems, this bed could lead to some significant damage. Fortunately, soft beds are not the only beds on the market and, if your back is not suited for a soft bed, you may want to consider a medium or firm bed instead.
  • Medium: 6-7/ 10 on the Firmness Scale

  • If you simply can’t decide on a bed firmness level, the best choice is to choose a middle-ground bed solution. The reason for this is that a medium firmness bed is perfect for people with back problems and those that like to sleep on their side all in one.
    Furthermore, a medium bed also is sure to give you the necessary compromise needed for couples with firmness differences. Although it may not be as soft as your partner wants or as firm as you like, it also won/t be too dramatic on one side for either of you.
  • Firm: 7-9/10 on the Firmness Scale

  • Now that you know about the soft and medium bed options, it’s time to review what makes a firm mattress an ideal solution for bad backs, posture correction, and other health issues. Because a firm bed keeps your body in a perfectly distributed state, many online sources suggest that a firm bed is a perfect bed for those with back problems, leg pain, neck pain, obesity, and other health conditions. The weight distribution and posture correction alone may make all the difference for someone with one of these health-related issues.
    If you still want even more representation of the different levels of firmness represented in the mattress industry, here is a wonderful guide created by Sleepopolis to reference!

    Is Memory Foam Really Worth it?

    Another question we at Breda Beds hear all the time is whether a memory foam mattress is truly ‘worth it’ or not. Well, perhaps, our Gel Max mattress will answer that question for you. Of course, memory foam is worth it! With a material that hugs your curves and keeps you cool at night whilst still respecting your posture and weight distribution, the memory foam mattress is quite possibly one of the best solutions on the market!

    How Much Space do You Need?

    We all know the standard bed sizes (King, Queen, Full, Twin, etc.) but how can you take this sizing information and determine what bed size is right for you? Whether you’re a college student, young professional, married couple, loving parent, or a mature single artist, your bed size defines you. It also can either define or ruin your bedroom as well. Imagine a chic, modern bedroom in the city with little space and minimalist decor to account for it. Now, imagine a huge bed that completely crowds this room and leaves little to no walking space in it. Similarly, imagine a huge, rustic, homey house with pictures of your family on every wall and enough space for the whole family. Then, imagine a tiny bed that simply doesn’t even begin to fill the space. If either of these situations sounds ridiculous to you, then it’s time you start considering the right sized bed for your lifestyle. In the end, if you simply can’t choose between a big, comfy bed and a suitable amount of space in your home, you may want to consider one of our murphy wall beds instead. When you start your day, simply fold the bed away and enjoy the comfort of having an extra open room in your home. Then, when the day ends, relax on your big, luxurious bed in a matter of seconds.

    Why You Should Always Choose ‘High-Quality’ Over ‘Cheap’

    Although this may sound fairly obvious to most people, you’d be surprised how many people we deal with on a daily basis that tell us they opted for a cheaper option because ‘it had good ratings and was reasonably priced’. The question you have to ask yourself is whether the price is too good to be true. To know for sure, simply review the standard prices of various mattresses on the market currently and then spot the trustworthy deals from the scams. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to cheap beds is that they often prey on quantity buyers. What this means is that a fairly expensive bed is priced that way because it lasts far longer than its cheaper competitors. Instead, what the low-quality mattress companies do is sell you a bed for a super low price and simply wait until the bed wears out and you come back for the next bed. By doing this, they get anywhere between two to five more bed purchases out of you while the fancier beds can last ten times longer than this. Now that you know some of the most essential principles of mattress buying, what are you waiting for? Begin your search for the right bed today and know you can rest easy in more ways than one with this superior sleep option!