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Murphy Bed with Sofa | Sofa Wall Bed | BredaBeds

Murphy Bed with Sofa | Sofa Wall Bed | BredaBeds

BredaBeds is excited to introduce our brand new InLine Collection! You may have seen our "Sneak Peak" of the upcoming product line with some pictures and video. We took our time to develop the exclusive InLine Collection and now that it's been a few months, it's finally available! The Sofa and the Murphy Bed were specifically designed for each other, providing a very contemporary look and seamless functionality!

Available Options

The new sofa wall bed product line allows for various hutch configurations. It opens great possibilities for storage options including a pull-out shelf which acts as an end table for the sofa and when the bed is folded down, as a night shelf. You also can upgrade your side hutch with drawers and doors accordingly to your wants and needs. We offer the InLine Collection without side hutches, with one side hutch or with two side hutches. So, you can make it work in the most efficient way in your space. Between bed sizes, colors and other available options, we offer the InLine in over 5000 available configurations!

How does it work?
"The good news is that it's super easy to use... just remove 3 sofa cushions!"

Your next question may be how this murphy bed with sofa works. The good news is that it's super easy to use! All you have to do is remove 3 sofa cushions. The seat cushion (which is the largest cushion on the sofa) has 2 handles on the back of it, in order to make it easier to remove it from the sofa. After all the cushions have been removed, the Sofa stays in its position and the Murphy Bed is ready to be folded down over the sofa frame. Now your Murphy Bed is all ready to use.

Transforming the InLine Collection into a bed

So, as you see, the InLine Collection is very easy to use, while saving a lot of space and being super functional and stylish. BredaBeds is proud to offer this exclusive and innovative product to our customers. Visit the InLine Collection today!

What's next?

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we will be expanding our InLine Collection to offer even more possibilities and features! The all new InLine Collection is the latest offering from BredaBeds, but we have many more changes coming in the near future!