With more and more environmental crises occurring daily across the world, it's time we start looking at how we, as consumers, can make a difference. Below are some furniture options for the conscious consumer that are not only hip but eco-friendly as well.

In our modern day and age, there are countless problems we face on a daily basis. One of the biggest being the harmful effects the human race has had on the environment. Although it is almost impossible to remove your carbon footprint entirely, there are ways you can reduce the depth of this print—even through the simple use of green furniture.

Below are just a few ways you can reduce your environmental impact and be a part of the solution rather than the problem. After all, you might not be able to change the world entirely but you can definitely make a dent.


Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
This is probably the first time you’ve ever heard LEDs called light-emitting diodes and, if so, that only means you still have a lot to learn about these awesome forms of lighting and how they can seriously reduce your environmental impact on a daily basis.

A common question people have when looking for energy-efficient lighting is how LEDs stack up to compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. According to Forbes Magazine, LED lights last up to four times longer than CFL bulbs and also are more diverse in their usage. Furthermore, they don’t need adaptors as they are compatible with almost all light fixtures. Although they may be a bit more expensive initially, the longevity of said bulbs alone truly makes for a product that not only gives you more bang for your buck but also helps you to reduce your energy intake by over 40%.


Eco Sotrage Cubes
When looking for storage space in a new home, we typically immediately opt for products such as dressers, cabinets, and shelves. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t outlast our needs or become irrelevant when a new home is chosen leading to more waste and less convenience.

Fortunately, The Ultimate Green Store recognizes this issue and has developed a completely recycled and recyclable choice for the eco-conscious individual. According to their site, ‘These eco storage cubes are made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable. Safe with zero formaldehyde and no toxic VOCs.’

The best part about these cubes is that they are stackable in multiple configurations making them perfect no matter where you live rather than bulky and wasteful furniture that is nowhere near as flexible.


Bamboo Dining Room Table
There are many companies out there that have their own bamboo dining room table styles to choose from but one thing all of these products have in common is their eco-friendly nature. Bamboo is not only a far more reliable and malleable building material but also is easy to grow in various climates and short periods of time, fully recyclable, and waxy making it hazard-free without any use of paint or other environmentally harmful products.

The structural integrity of bamboo also means that very little glue must be used and, when using it for construction, no use of concrete or plaster is necessary. The benefit of this is that, when a new table is needed, you can simply recycle the old one and know that its structural integrity means it is probably now being used to build homes for people in need rather than rotting in a local landfill for years.


Space-saving Murphy Wall Bed
The truth is that most bed frames are not only inefficient but only used for a matter of years due to circumstances related to moving and new spaces being either too big or too small. Furthermore, minimalism is a wonderful way to expand upon the environmental lifestyle and further reduce your carbon footprint.

This is where the space-saving Murphy wall bed comes into play. For those of you who have never heard of a wall bed before, they were originally developed for big city life where space always seems to be an issue. However, since then, these beds have come a long way both in style and eco-friendliness. Newer models by companies such as our own, Breda Beds, now boast elegant finishes, storage space, and very clever designs that hide said beds just right. With a wall bed, you can not only save space but increase the likelihood you will bring your bed with you to your new home saving materials and reducing your carbon emissions via landfills in the process.


Recycled Poly Outdoor Furniture
For those of you with patios wondering how you too can reduce your environmental impact, recycled poly outdoor furniture may be just the thing. Not only is this furniture made by 100% recyclable plastic drastically reducing plastic waste one chair at a time but it also is a recyclable product as well meaning that you can easily use and reuse the product without needing to feel guilty that you no longer needed it.

If that wasn’t enough, these products also pop in color and have a very classy appearance making them a wonderful artistic and eco-conscious statement when having guests over as well.

With all of these products in mind, there are still many more out there to choose from and the best way to find which ones best suit your needs is simply to know what products are reliable, which materials are the best, and how you can take these elements and make them truly feel like ‘home’.

If you would like to truly take this idea to the next level and create your own eco-conscious furniture that matches the real you from head to toe, feel free to reach out to all of us at BredaBeds to see how we can take your ordinary bed and turn it into an extraordinary addition to your green home.