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The BredaBeds Blog

BredaBed Construction

When choosing furniture for your home, learning more about the construction of the material used is one important way to assess the quality of the product. This page will give you an in-depth look at what materials we use for the construction of our bed products, as well as an understanding of why we chose them and how they compare against others in the industry...

Posted in Educational By Julia Wilson
New product: Urban Stack Murphy Bunk Bed

We're pleased and excited to announce our latest product: the Urban Stack Murphy Bunk Bed! This bed was inspired by the many inquires we have received about developing such a product.

Posted in News By Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson - President of BredaBeds

Welcome to our all new blog! Our primary products and expertise at BredaBeds deal with home organization from a product oriented perspective. Here we intend to focus on, and showcase murphy bed ideas and products that can organize and simplify your life while maximizing space. We will likely link to other blogs that we feel will interest and benefit our readers. Many of our articles will of course feature products within our offering, but we will also talk about other items of interest and who knows, we may come up with new and exciting space-saving wall beds to offer in the process....

Posted in News By Brad Wilson
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